Yoder RV
Itasca RV, 35 Ft.
This is a 2002 Itasca RV, 35 ft. It has ample space, including two pop-out sections. It has a white and gray exterior with an American flag and bald eagle theme, including several large murals. It has an off-white and wood interior. Includes a kitchen, living space, bedroom, a restroom, and a dining room with a table for four. The kitchen includes a stove top, oven, microwave, sink, and ample cabinet space. For inquiries, please call Ben Yoder at (865) 314-3024, or e-mail him at YoderRV@gmail.com.

Itasca RV-1a Itasca RV-1b

Itasca RV-1c Itasca RV-1d

Itasca RV-1e Itasca RV-1f

Itasca RV-1g Itasca RV-1h

Itasca RV-1i Itasca RV-1j

Itasca RV-1k Itasca RV-1L

Itasca RV-1m Itasca RV-1n

Itasca RV-1o Itasca RV-1p

Itasca RV-1q Itasca RV-1r

Itasca RV-1s Itasca RV-1t

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